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How to substitute eggs in Vegan/Egg Free baking - Vegan Buttermilk

The world of gluten free baking can seem daunting especially if you are new to it. Add into the mix being vegan or egg free and it may seem like an impossible task but don't worry it's not as scary as it first seems.

Eggs are traditionally used in baking to help to bind the dry ingredients together and provide lift and a light and airy texture to things like sponges. If you are following a vegan or egg free diet this can feel like a real barrier to enjoying home made cakes as eggs seem to be in everything (a bit like gluten) but never fear there are ways around it and after some thorough testing I have found, in my opinion the best way to substitute an egg in baking and still get a light an airy texture to your cakes and cookies - Vegan Buttermilk.

The recipe and method I use below is the same that's included with all our vegan and gluten free baking kits and makes the lightest cupcakes and the most delicious cookies. This should also work fine in other sponge cake recipes and is easy to scale up or down the quantities as needed. Vegan buttermilk is made with only two ingredients and they are things that you are likely to already have in your kitchen or if not are readily available at most supermarkets.

What you will need

Measuring jug or a small glass/cup


A lemon

Almond milk (or other non dairy milk such as soy milk)


Vegan/Dairy Free Buttermilk

Quantity makes enough to substitute 2 eggs


1 1/2 tsp Lemon juice

118ml Almond Milk or other non dairy milk such as Soy Milk

*note if you only need to substitute 1 egg use 3/4 tsp lemon and 59 ml of milk.


  1. Measure out your milk into a measuring jug or small cup/glass. I use scales to do this for accuracy. 1 gram = 1 millilitre.

  2. Add your lemon juice to the milk and stir

  3. Leave this to rest for at least 5 minutes or while you get on with the rest of your recipe.

  4. Add your milk mixture to your other dry ingredients as per your recipe. If using a non vegan/egg free recipe add this when it asks to add in eggs.

  5. Follow the remainder of the recipe as normal, bake and enjoy!

Check out the video below to see how it's done. If you are using one of our Vegan and gluten free baking kits all the instructions on how to make your vegan buttermilk and add to the recipe are included in your kit.


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