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  • What procedures do you have in place to avoid cross contamination of allergens?
    All ingredients and packaging are stored separately away from possible allergens. I use separate dedicated gluten free equipment for measuring, producing and baking our products which are also stored separately within the kitchen. The prep area used to produce our products is throughly cleaned before and after use to minimise risk of cross contamination. No gluten containing products are in use in the kitchen or present in the preparation area whilst producing our cakes, cookies and baking kits.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes I have full public and product liability insurance.
  • Do you have food hygiene training?
    Yes. I have completed the food hygiene training course and am certified. I also received a 5 star food rating at my last inspection
  • How long do your kits keep for?
    The kits will keep for at least 2 months if sealed and stored in a cool, dry place.
  • Do I need any special equipment when using the baking kits?
    No, the kits are very versatile. Although they are sold as cupcakes if you don't have a muffin these can be made as a traybake using a round or square tin. Check out my bakewelldevon Instagram for ideas.
  • Do you have any gluten free and vegan products?
    Yes we have a range of gluten free and vegan cupcake and cookie baking kits as well as ready made cookies available for postal delivery. We can also supply gluten free and vegan cupcakes and mini celebration cakes for local delivery to the Barnstaple area.
  • Are you baking kits also dairy free?
    Our cupcake baking kits are all gluten free and dairy free and you can substitute normal butter and milk in the recipe for dairy free alternatives. Our gluten free cookie kits do contain dairy in the chocolate chips but our gluten free and vegan cookie kits are suitable for dairy free diets.
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